Incorporated on 9 April 1984 and transformed into a Public Limited Company on 6 November 1996, AL is a sound company with many years experience in the electrical and electronics sector.

It manufactures and markets a wide range of boxes and panels for electrical, water and gas circuits, as well as a complementary range of lighting and telecommunications equipment.

Production is divided into various specific and independent processes:
– Injection and compression of polymers;

– Production of electronic devices.

In pursuit of its goal of “making the difference”, AL is independent and designs all of its own products.

To manufacture its products, AL uses raw materials such as PVC, ABS, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Polyamide and Polyester reinforced with glass fiber, guaranteed to be in compliance with prevailing national and international standards and safety regulations.

AL is currently among the leading domestic manufacturers of electrical material for the construction industry. In 1997 and 1998, it was selected as a “SME of Excellence” given the overall quality of its management and its economic and financial indicators.


Since 2008, it has also been designated as a “Leading SME”.

In order to increase the business, the company has been engaging in the foreign market with partnerships in Spain and Poland, in order to ensure an ongoing focus on quality vis-à-vis its customers.

In 1998, various investments were made, most notably in a new and modern plant that currently employs around 150 workers and is dedicated to improving working conditions in order to achieve productivity gains and optimise processes, as well as continuously improve products and after sales service. On 23 February 2000, AL’s Quality System received Quality Certificate no. 2000/CEP.1081 under the NP EN ISO 9002:1995 Standard.

On 26 March 2003, its Quality Management System was certified under the new NP EN ISO 9001:2000 Standard. Since 2005, AL has maintained a trade/production agreement with the Spanish company Uriarte Safybox, which has expanded the range of products available in the market, as well as strengthening its global market presence, which now extends to over 60 countries.

In 2007, under a new initiative and in response to market demands, AL began offering pre-equipped boxes and panels, in particular centralised metering units, special low voltage (SLV) meters, pre-fitted junction and protection boxes and, recently, column panels. Due to the growth of this business, in 2009, AL acquired a water jet cutter boasting the latest technology for mechanising casings, also offering this type of service to its customers.

On 27 July 2010, AL’s Quality Management System was certified under the new NP EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard.



The company exists to design, develop, manufacture, assemble and commerce technically functional, safe, legal and competitive products, ensuring the permanent satisfaction of interested parties in the following business areas:
Lighting equipment;
Boxes and boards for electrical, telephone, water and gas installations;
Costumer customized electrical solutions;
Parts resulting from the injection and compression of polymers.


The company wants to be a reference supplier in the domestic and external markets in the electrical, telecommunications and construction sectors.


Value Creation - through orientation towards results, sustainability and viability;

Customer orientation - sense of commitment, trust and quality;
Culture of excellence - Rigor, do well and always improve;
Cooperation - internal and external through teamwork;
Seriousness - in relations with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders;
Versatility - in the diversification of the offer, adaptation to the needs and changes of the client and internal ones.


AL, Fábrica de Material Eléctrico SA, at its highest level, compromises to respond actively to the needs of customers and the demands of the market and other stakeholders by implementing, maintaining and improving its quality management system. according to the normative NP EN ISO 9001: 2015, in its areas of activity: lighting equipment; boxes and boards for electrical, telephone, water and gas installations; costumer customized electrical solutions and parts resulting from the injection and compression of polymers.

Therefore, AL, Fábrica de Material Eléctrico SA, defined as principles:
Meet the needs and expectations of our customers, be a reference supplier in all of them and maintain benefic relations with stakeholders;
Cooperate with suppliers to promote the continuous improvement of their services and products;
Ensure management control, which allows sustainability, profitability and business growth;
Provide the necessary conditions to a permanent attitude of continuous improvement of its Quality Management System.
Orient decisions based on the principles of professional ethics and transparency in internal and external relations.
Promote good working conditions and contribute to the permanent appreciation of all employees
Comply with legal, customer and regulatory requirements;









We have an excellent team with broad and consolidated knowledge in various fields.


AL’s success is only possible due to a team made up of committed, dynamic, innovative, insightful and responsible people.

If you are looking for a challenge where professional fulfilment is a constant, we invite you to become a member of the AL team.